Hi! My name is Lily, I’m a singer-songwriter from Melbourne, Australia. I started my business ‘Lilyfordmusic’ in December 2019, where I started busking, offering music lessons to beginners and began to approach restaurants and cafes to perform live music. 2020 allowed my business to take off, where I grew my clientele, became better known for my music and was reaching more likeminded people. This photo was taken at Bohemian Bungalow, a restaurant located in Eumundi, Queensland. Prior to Covoid-19, I was performing weekly at this establishment as well as La Finca, another cafe in Mooloolaba. Additionally, I have setup a studio in my home where I teach young people how the play the guitar, piano or sing. My focus as a music teacher is accompaniment for singing on the guitar or piano; where I aim for musical individuality and building strength in the voice. I have received lots of fabulous feedback and my students thoroughly enjoy the lessons. I’m hoping that Lilyfordmusic continues to grow as I move back to Melbourne. ⭐️✨

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